Stable Diffusion Deployment: Which Cloud Platform is Cheaper?

November 11, 2022
Stable Diffusion Deployment: Which Cloud Platform is Cheaper?

Stable Diffusion: Faster and Cheaper

Stable Diffusion has been a huge topic in the AI space with its innovative text-image generation capabilites. Released by StabilityAI in 2022, Stable Diffusion is a deep learning model used for providing detailed images conditioned on text descriptions. When it comes to deploying Stable Diffusion, there are many great options for deployment, but which one best suits your needs?

In this blog, we will compare Stable Diffusion deployment on Stochastic's platform against deploying it yourself on Amazon Web Services.


To compare deployment on both platforms, we used a Hugging Face Stable Diffusion model on AWS and an identical model hosted on Stochastic's platform. The Hugging Face model on AWS was executed using PyTorch FP16, and the model hosted on Stochastic's platform was accelerated using a few optimization techniques. All the times and measurements were recorded using batch size 1. The results are found below for both A100 and T4 GPUs:

Stochastic's AI acceleration platform provides lower model latency in comparison to deployment on Amazon Web Services for both A100 and T4. By deploying on Stochastic instead of AWS, latency is reduced by an astounding 42.5% on T4 and 76% on A100. Accordingly, this means that the subsequent reduction in cloud cost is also equivalent to 42.5% on T4 and 76% on A100. Therefore, deploying Stable Diffusion on Stochastic’s AI acceleration platform is both cheaper and faster than on Amazon Web Services.

Instant Deployment on Stochastic

Not only is hosting Stable Diffusion cheaper and faster on Stochastic, it’s also easier. You can deploy an accelerated Stable Diffusion model in our platform by executing the following commands:

On your own, deploying Stable Diffusion would take a considerable amount of time. However, with Stochastic, deploying Stable Diffusion takes only a few seconds with our one-line, one-click solution. For more information on deploying Stable Diffusion with Stochastic, view our documentation guide here.


Stable Diffusion is a phenomenal text-to-image generation model that continues to make waves in the AI space. With tools like Amazon Web Services and Stochastic, it’s easy to deploy Stable Diffusion. If you are looking for a platform to host Stable Diffusion easily while saving money, Stochastic might be the right platform for you.

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