The Stochastic Acceleration Platform democratizes AI acceleration - making state-of-the-art machine learning accessible to all companies. For companies that are striving to build competitive products powered by large-scale AI models, Stochastic provides a platform to compress, optimize and monitor those models to deploy them faster at a reduced cost.


Compress your models

Leveraging years of research at Harvard, the engineers at Stochastic have developed a hardware-aware compression techniques for AI models. Whether it is on the cloud or on-premise, Stochastic Acceleration Platform will compress and optimize your models and hardware, whether they are CPUs, GPUs or custom AI chips. With our automated compression technology, you can reduce the size of your models by more than 50% of its original size, for faster services and reduced cloud costs.

Understand your models

With Stochastic Acceleration Platform, the dreaded black box algorithm becomes a thing of the past. Our optimized models are robust and explainable, informing your most critical decisions with valuable context. With our emphasis on algorithms differentiated by their effectiveness and explainability, you can rely on Stochastic to be your guiding light in a world of messy, unstructured, and even unlabeled data.

Easy libraries and APIs

Our principle is to make everything easy as possible for you to harness the power of Stochastic Acceleration Platform. In line with best practices, our libraries offer minimal barriers to adoption and our engineers are personally available to offer extensive support resources. We also don’t want to trouble you with the tedious nuances of optimization. Offering intuitive syntax and highly-configurable models, Stochastic democratizes high-performance computing by eliminating unnecessary complexity for users.


2020 Harvard Physical Sciences and Engineering Accelerator Award Winner

“The Physical Sciences & Engineering Accelerator (PSE) is designed to support Harvard's innovative physical science research by extending preliminary observations, establishing a solid proof of concept, scaling up a product or process, and generating (or enhancing) intellectual property positions.”

2020 Harvard Innovation Lab Allston Venture Fund Winner

“Formed in 2019, The Allston Venture Fund is an investment collaborative focused on providing funding to high-potential, high-impact ventures”