Announcing xTuring - Build and control your personal LLMs with fast and efficient fine-tuning.

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Building your own personalized AI
has never been easier

Enterprise-ready AI system that trains locally on your data, deploys on your cloud, and scales to millions of users without an engineering team


Build, customize, and deploy your own chat AI systems.
Example applications:


Personal AI assistant - AI that answers questions on your files, generates summaries, reports, emails and automates your workflows


Domain-specific LLM - A 13-billion parameter Large Language Model trained on open source financial data showing superior performance


Build and deploy LLMs on any number of GPUs

Deep learning made easy

Effortless deep learning platform for enterprises, hardware efficient algorithms to speed up inference at lower cost

Monitor efficiency, not just accuracy

Real-time logging and monitoring of resource utilization and cloud costs of deployed models


xTuring is an open-source library that enables users to easily to build and control LLMs by providing simple interface to personalizing LLMs to your own data and application

LLM fine-tuning made easy

Leverage our development tool chain to build your first LLM with your own data with three lines of code

Hardware-efficient algorithms

Customize open-source LLMs with state-of-the-art hardware-efficient algorithms, enabling faster fine-tuning using less number of GPUs

Making the best AI accessible to everyone

Leveling the playing field of AI through easy-access to optimized AI computing