Stochastic is a cloud computing and analytics company spun out of cutting-edge Harvard research. With deep expertise in computer architecture, high-performance circuits, and machine learning, our team is developing cloud computing systems with state-of-the-art performance on enterprise-scale AI analytics, powered by specialized hardware accelerators.

What does that mean for you? Stochastic provides cloud computing libraries for rapid, real-time, enterprise-scale, and low-cost analytics with robust and explainable AI.


Accelerate your analytics

Leveraging years of research at Harvard, the engineers at Stochastic developed hardware acceleration approaches for next-generation, enterprise-scale AI analytics. With our proprietary technology, Stochastic’s libraries allow you to run complex models on natural data in a fraction of the time that other services and packages take — all through the cloud.

Understand your models

With Stochastic’s machine learning models, the dreaded black box algorithm can become a thing of the past. Our models are robust and explainable, informing your most critical decisions with valuable context. With our emphasis on algorithms differentiated by their effectiveness and explainability, you can rely on Stochastic to be your guiding light in a world of messy, unstructured data.

Simplify optimization

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to harness the power of Stochastic. In line with best practices, our libraries and APIs offer minimal barriers to adoption and extensive support resources. We also don’t want to trouble you with the tedious nuances of optimization. Offering intuitive syntax and highly-configurable models, Stochastic democratizes high-performance computing for analytics by eliminating unnecessary complexity for users.


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